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Cord tying is mechanism of protection to help you better manage your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy. 

Cords are energetic strands of energy that form consciously and unconsciously with people and objects regardless of time and space. The first cord that is ever created is the one to our mother when we were conceived, then at birth our umbilical cord is severed and we begin a life of establishing invisible yet potent energy cords with the world that surrounds us. 

Awareness of your cords is an important tool that can help you better understand your relationships to yourself, others and the world  & cord tying is a simple yet profound technique to protect and manage your energy. 

Why tie your energetic cords?

  • Creates a shield of protection from the outside world

  • Helps you manage your energy

  • Protects you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually from outside influence

  • Allows you to keep your center

  • Help you create a buffer between your core and the outside world

  • Allows you to share fully without fear of losing yourself


  • Imagine there are two cords coming from the navel

  • Hold one in each hands

  • Loop them behind the back

  • Using your imagination pass them through the point right behind the navel on the spinal column

  • Pass them through the spine into the navel once again

  • Pull the cord through

  • Tie them to the front of your navel

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