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“Unhappiness is the perceived gap between your expectations and reality.”

You have a desire, and when it doesn’t go the way you thought it should, you’re sad. Because every expectation you imposed, in the form of a thought, created conditions that restricted what was trying to come through. There was a divine plan, and you got in the way. Now you're sad.


The mind is ideally meant for processing incoming information from your higher consciousness, and only meant to run 10% of the show. Yet in our recent human development, we’ve had to adjust to the massive amount of incoming information, and the mind is out of control.

Everything you see was once a thought. Thoughts create invisible, yet measurable, energy (scientifically proven, not spiritual jargon). The entire world around us is also made up of energy. Does is not then make sense that your thoughts are creating your current reality?

I met a magical Spanish woman named Eva Lobo who has developed a system to teach children to stay present. She explained that all thoughts are based on 5 memory hard disks: intention, fantasy, culture, what is heard by others, and your own reminded experiences. They are all fake and fragmented knowledge that aren’t useful to filter the present moment.

She went on to explain that intuition is a gift from Source that can only come through a quiet mind. The quickest way to loose this gift is to layer thoughts and expectations of how, when, why or through whom it should arrive. Each of these thoughts creates dis-resonance and energetically pulls the goal further away from you.

Advice: If you have a wish/goal/desire take 3 minutes a day to use your imagination to see, experience, and feel gratitude for it… then let it go and move on with your day! Do nothing to force it. You will soon be given an opportunity to make a choice that aligns with the vision. Make that choice! It’s that simple.

(Art by Hayley Starr, inspired by Eva Lobo's teachings)



It is widely believed that if you think and/or say something positive, with enough consistency and conviction, that it will come true. If so, then why does it only work some of the time?

In reading Afformations by Noah St. John I learned that when you make a statement that isn’t yet factual such as “I have so much money!” a little nagging voice replies “Um, no you don’t!” and the truth trumps your intention.

Try asking yourself a question you don’t yet know the answer to. What happens? You search for the answer, and if you don’t find it, you often can’t stop thinking about it till you do. That’s because your mind, brain and subconscious are like a super computer designed to search memory banks and surroundings for the answers.

Sometimes we ask ourself negative questions like “Why am I so broke?” “Why am I alone? Why does my job suck?”. Your brain says: “I don’t know why? Let’s find all the ways to answer that question” and your subconscious creates negative experiences and feelings to continue to support your negative question.

Nooow, when you ask your self a positive question like “Why am I so Loved?” Or “Why is it so easy for me to make money?” Your brain searches again, only this time it doesn’t have the answer and now turns it’s focus to try and validate what you’ve asked.

The results are that you begin attracting opportunities, people and new ideas to support the positive question. It becomes easier to make choices that support your goal, because your internal systems want nothing more than to get that question answered!

Advice: Start asking questions. Replace your statements and negative questions with positive questions like: Why am I so healthy? Why is life so easy? Why is it so easy to make friends? Adding the word ‘easy’ instructs your subconscious to make the process to your goal an easy one.

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Yoga is a moving meditation. It took me a long time to see past the physical exercise and experience just how profound this practice can be. Example: sun salutations were traditionally practiced to welcome the sun and connect to Earth. When practicing yoga you are clearing your mind, and aligning to the elements, yourself, and to God.

Rachel has been my best friend for over 15 years. She is widely known as one of LA’s best yoga instructors. She trained in Anusara, but her style is uniquely her own. Each class is paired with teachings weaved with common experience and humor. Her sequences are restorative with a deep dedication to alignment.

She recently launched an online program making her classes available to all! I am currently traveling and each time I take a class I truly feel her in the room, making me laugh and somehow still on top of my alignment. My favorite part is they’re only 30 minutes, and can easily fit into any schedule.

Check out her site, LA class schedule, and free online classes! Should you opt in for a monthly membership, she’s kindly given us this discount code: 'Founder' to receive 1 week free trial plus 25% off membership.



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