Let it be clear: STARWEN has a soul. This is not an inanimate structure. She is an entity (of some kind, which I don't yet know). She has a personality, a vision, and even her very own mission…..

I didn't initially realize this, until one day I stepped back to look at her and realized that it was SHE who had used ME to be created. And she did so with so much ease and Grace. ……One night I stood inside her, alone. I looked up to the skies through the opening in her crown, as I stood with my feet grounded in the Playa dust through the star cut-out in the floor… And I began to channel my future. .

This was my most powerful experience of the Burn….



STARWEN's insides…. Building and breaking her down were two of the more challenging moments of my Life. The defining moment of my Burn was when my sisters Kippy and Sherie stayed behind to help me take her apart when I could find no help from my camp's crew… We broke this structure down in 4 hours, where it took the men of my camp 5 days to build…. Now, I'm no feminist (if you take issue with this, read my response below) and a HUGE fan of men… AND in this moment I realized that women are fucking badasses, and pretty much better at everything. It was both sad, and deeply empowering!!!

Burning Man is my favorite place on Earth. In recent years, there is a growing darkness that I attribute to human suffering. This year my intention is to be a part of the solution… to heal my Burner family. 

I’m building a structure called STARWEN, a holographic rainbow diamond that will house the works for resident healers at my camp (Sacbe/Maxa Camp 9:30 & K). My original offering was to do 1-on-1 sessions, then I had a divine thought: I’M GOING TEACH PEOPLE THE TOOLS, SO THAT THEY WILL HEAL THEMSELVES AND OTHERS. Far more impactful!

Every day you will find me at STARWEN at 1pm, and I will teach you the healing secrets of the Universe. My sincerest hope is that you will take these tools out into the Playa, then into the world to heal others. Our world needs you.