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We have Spirit Guides. I know this to be true. How? Because I connect with them daily. The proof? My life is magical. People often ask how they present- it’s a sixth sense. Some people see them, others hear them; I experience a combination of both.

I recently traveled to Texas to train with an incredible woman and Lightworker named Bonni Cook Yardley (featured below). She helped deepen my connection and understanding of how the Guides operate.

Look, you can choose to believe me and reap the rewards of their service, or not… the choice is always yours! This week, I open Pandora’s box to the other side…

some facts about your guides:

- Each (conscious) adult human has an average of 3 Inner Panel Spirit Guides, and usually no more than 6 at a time.

- You hire them, consciously or unconsciously, to help you navigate through certain periods of your life.

- Each has training and extensive knowledge in your current pursuits.

- They are considerably more evolved than you are, otherwise they would have no business guiding you!

- They were once embodied on this plane, and have a deep understanding of Earth and its rules.

- Guides have a female or male soul. Some might disagree, this is simply my experience and understanding.

- They have a bird’s eye view and see the bigger picture, making their perspective invaluable in decision-making.

- We exist in a dimension of Free Will, so in order to help you, they will need your permission.

- You can easily communicate through thought or just by speaking to them.

- There are also Masters, Teachers, Archangels, Angels, Technicians, Outer Panel Guides and so much more... all topics for future entries.

There is such a thing as negative guides…

… and they (unfortunately) are not uncommon. We unconsciously hire them in moments of depression, tragedy and despair. They are the sneaky voice that overrides your better judgement, and will often convince you to sabotage your highest good. Negative guides are destructive and must be fired! See tools below.

suggested to help you connect with your guides…


The Blue Deer Opal is a symbol for connecting to one’s Outer Spirits. The symbol was inspired by the Huichol, who are guided by the Spirit of a blue deer to find the sacred peyote medicine. Wearing this Opal helps connect you to your personal team of Guides.

The White Deer Opal represents the Inner Spirit. Each of us contains the answers within. This deer was inspired by its blue deer cousin :) . Wear this Opal necklace to connect to your direct source of infinite wisdom and healing.

Each Opal is programmed and blessed by Hayley Starr, and are powerful intention amplifiers when worn daily. $90 each.

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This book is filled with everything you need to know about your Spirit Guides. Bonni goes into great detail about the specific levels of Guides, their roles, and the gifts they bring to your Life.

With this training book you will learn:

- Who are the Spirit Guides

- How to identify them

- What they have to teach you

- How to connect and work with your personal Spirit Guides

- The different types of guides, including your Inner and Outer Panels

- Spiritual discernment

- What can disrupt your connection and what to do to correct

- And so much more...

Direct Purchase: Contact Bonni Cook Yardley at . This book is available in print and pdf. The print version is 8.5x11 wire bound - $55, + shipping $6.65. The PDF version is emailed to you - $45.

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I was magically led to Bonni by a friend who insisted I get a clearing! It took me months to finally book our session (resistance!… the work of a negative Guide) and the effects were so powerful that within three days, I felt a massive weight had been lifted! So impressed, I asked if she would teach me her ways. The rest is history.

Here is an introduction to a Soul Clearing session in her own words:

“In the course of an initial energetic clearing I identify inherent soul traits and release the most prominent disruptions resulting in a release of negative behaviors, anxiety, lift depression, providing ease in moving forward in life with an increased spiritual awareness. This includes checking to see if the Inner Panel Spirit Guides are all positive. It is possible to hire a negative guide during a time of trauma or high stress. The purpose of the Spirit Guides is to provide good advice to help you fulfill the spiritual contract you made with yourself before incarnating – a negative Guide provides bad advice which results in poor choices, incorrect intuition, and doubt mechanisms. The Inner Panel Guides work with you on a day-to-day basis whereas the Outer Panel oversees the entire lifetime. It is possible to do an identification reading on both the Inner and Outer Panels to become familiar with the characteristics and training your Guides offer you.”

Contact for booking:

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