Do you feel otherworldly and sometimes different? Do you connect to the stars, nature and Life’s magic? Approximately thirteen percent of the Earth's population is of Starseed origin, meaning they are beings whose souls originated from other dimensions or realms. If you have made it to this page, chances are likely that you are one. Many have incarnated at this time in service to Earth's last chance at survival. Prior to your session, your memory records will be scanned and repaired in the Akashic Records. During your session, we will go through both your Soul Profile and Soul Clearing results:

Option 1: Soul Profile: Uncover your Galactic ancestry, trainings received on Earth and in other realms, current spirit guides and much more (see below). Remembering who you are and why you're here helps to shed Light, giving direction to the very specific set of skills and talents with which you came for your mission.

Option 2: Soul Profile + Soul Clearing: In addition to the Soul Profile, the second part of the session involves locating and repairing psychic blocks, negative energies, entities, disturbances, tears in your shields and much more (see below). Releasing this darkness often explains previous stagnancy or hardship. Once cleared, you can expect to feel more ease, flow and direction on your path.


Ancestral Soul Group- Discover from which of the many otherworldly groups or lineages your soul originates.

Archangel Training- Uncover which of the 7 Archangels realms you have training in, defining your gifts and focus for this lifetime.

Soul Training- Learn which soul groups you have received training from, both in past and present lives.

Earth Training- Discover what training on the Earth you've received in both past and present lives, explaining why you connect to certain traditions.

Guides- Learn how many guides are currently assigned to you. Make sure that they are all positive by requesting that negative ones be fired and replaced.


Shields- Reinstate protective shields that keep our physical and subtle bodies safe, while protecting us from projected negativity.

Godsparks- Scan all five for damage, requesting reweaving as needed.

Karma- Scan for and clear present and past life karma, which manifests as justified guilt, unfinished business and bad debt.

Male/Female Soul- We choose to express one or the other in any given lifetime. Which is your soul's essence?

Soul contracts- Check for soul destiny and relationship agreements for this lifetime.

Entity Clearing- Bind, release and clear energetic vulnerabilities.

Portalways- Close subconscious portalways to dark force energies.

Astral travel- Sever ties, rescind contracts and seal astral doors to negative astrals.

Agreements/Binds/Pacts/Spells- Remove and rescind all negative agreements and binds.

And Much More....




  • Click 'Book Session' below and select your “Session Type” (Body Blueprint, Mind Release, Etheric Alignment or Soul Clearing)

  • Next, provide the required information.

  • Before your appointment time, Hayley will spend approximately 1.5 hours reading your records, noting your soul's information and clearing negative influences.

  • During your 1-hour (approx) phone session, she will go over and explain the findings.

  • After the session, you will receive an email with your Soul Profile attached, as well as a list of everything that was cleared.