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It is time to marry the LIght.

We are here at a pivotal time, in service, yet each of us suffer from the rule of amnesia. If we don’t remember we risk getting caught in the societal ‘meaningless-job/marriage/procreation/consumption’ cycle. Free Will is a gift, and we may choose whatever we desire, so long as one’s mission comes first.

Examples: Live in isolated nature AND continue to create and share. Travel the world AND adhere to a daily practice. Be in sacred partnership AND put God first. Birth children AND remember that Humanity itself is your first child.

The commitment: Be in service to the greatest good of all. Help others find their way. I your experience vulnerably, however difficult, to plant seeds in others. Share your truth with humor even when other think you're crazy, for it is more important that other know it, and be strong enough not to care if they do. be a channel for contagious joy. Inspire others to believe in magic, by example.

Your future self sent me to remind you, at this moment, that you are here on a mission to save Earth. Remember, then commit to it! Marry the Light.

Your Astral Messenger,





Hayley Starr