Calibration is a system developed to help you find the most efficient next step in your human development. With so many effective modalities, teachings, practices and products, it becomes a game of what is right for you, now. There are a million paths to enlightenment... Calibration helps you find yours.

The process requires two people to witness and assist each other, and cannot be done accurately alone, a symbol of our times. Calibration is quick, painless, effective, and the information comes directly from your own internal wisdom through the art of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing).





Using the HOH manual created by Hayley Starr, you are muscle tested through tiers of information to uncover what is the next most important thing for you to know (like a choose-your-own-adventure book). Examples: the most beneficial diet, optimal exercise, what city you should live in, what your mission here is, what will heal an imbalance, or even what emotional block needs to be addressed and cleared.



Blocks and allergies are next cleared at the unconscious level using a process called BRT. Simply put, your body is a computer that can store incorrect information that occasionally needs rebooting. A series of taps along the spine, each corresponding to your internal organs, restores the flow of energy to faulty information like an allergy or emotional trigger. Your conscious and unconscious minds now on the same page, you’re able to flow with more ease into the life you desire.



Each session ends with clear instructions. Examples: A list of foods to eat or avoid, supplements to take (how many and when), a list of custom affirmations and how often to recite, a book you’re being called to read, a specific new meditation, a mantra and even the number of minutes to meditate daily. The information will vary widely for each individual. Lastly, you will be tested to determine whether another Calibration is required and if so, when. If needed, what was cleared is re-tested during follow-up sessions to ensure desired changes are permanent.  


Calibration was developed by Hayley Starr as a tool for consciousness expansion based on her 25+ years of exploration of the healing arts. In a time of confusion and misinformation, she creates a clear and ever-expanding database of the world’s most effective information, both ancient and new. Calibration is an intuitive platform one navigates by their internal wisdom. Together you create a map designed to lead you back to yourself.