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Burning Man is a place of Light, Joy and magic… it is also growing more and more dark due to the increase of factors such as: drugs, cells phone reception, ranger and police presence, human ignorance and more.

Understand that I pass no judgement, and seek to make you aware of the forces at play so that you might make more informed decisions.

I’ve sat for days searching for words to simplify this communication. Alas they don’t exist.

Some Truths About Darkness:

  • In a world of duality and free will, there are forces present - both Light and dark, physical and non-physical - and Burning Man is no exception. As we are currently shifting from the 3rd dimension (of duality) into the 4th (of Love), the world is becoming increasingly polarized. There is a very real battle between the darkness and the Light. The dark knows it’s loosing, and is going out with a fight (hence the insanity of our times).

  • One of the most effective ways darkness is able to penetrate and affect you personally is through your protective energetic shields. These shields are created to protect you from negativity. The thickness of an individual's shields is earned karmically, inch by inch. Yes, they are invisible, so is the signal of your wifi, and the Earth was once flat.

  • When you CHOOSE to take mind-altering drugs (yes- even plant medicines- an upcoming topic), drink alcohol excessively, or surround yourself with negativity, your shields become temporarily porous, and dark energy is given access. This results in feelings which can range from sadness, depression, self-sabotage, even to suicide.

  • The darkness has little interest in the unconscious humans… It’s the Lightworkers who are making a positive impact that it’s really after. SO, what do you think a gathering of conscious Lightworkers on mind-altering drugs becomes for darkness? It’s a f*cking Disneyland Massacre that ends with people jumping off art structures and running into fires.

  • Do you think that it is any mistake that drug use and plant medicines are on the rise among the most intelligent, brightest minds? It is not. It is an ingenious, well-played trick designed by the darkness. Do not be fooled. You’re brighter than that!


  • Ground and meditate as much as you can throughout your week at Burning Man.

  • Set clear intentions for your Burn. You intention becomes your direction and vehicle of protection.

  • If you choose to alter your mind, be respectful of the surrounding nature that is hosting you. Connect to the land you stand on, asking for permission and assistance.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY ask your Guides to protect you and keep you safe on your journey. Invoke by saying out loud or silently : "Personal teams of Guides (3x), please protect me on this journey with Ease, Grace and Joy. Thank you (3x)!"

  • YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE! Choice is one of the rules of a free will dimension. If you’re ever taken by darkness, it will surely be because at some point you made a choice. So make your choices wisely!

  • Remember that you are a Lightworker on a mission. The world needs you now more than ever, and consider whether a temporary moment psychedelic fireworks is worth the potential derailment.

  • Humans were created with our very own DMT supply within our pineal gland. There are many ways to access these same experiences naturally (topic for an upcoming post. Sign up for The Imaginal Week to receive)

  • Lastly, should you find yourself in a pickle, taken over by darkness, or in need of protective shields, come find me (Hayley Starr) on the Playa at STARWEN (details and location in link).

Apologies if this hurt your brain… I could not find another way to communicate it! It is always my intention to ground information.

Sometimes the concepts simply have no other words in our limited language. 


I honor your Light,

Hayley Starr

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