Fréquence OILS

By Manex Ibar

Nine Synergetic Blends - 100% organic plant essential oils

According to Human Design, the human energetic system evolved from 7 to 9 chakra centers in 1781 with the discovery of Uranus. Prior to 7, we were 5-centered cro magnons. In the future, as we continue to evolve, we will activate all 12 of our chakra centers. 

In 9-centered consciousness we expand and evolve in empathy, emotional intelligence, sensitivity to energy, and the expansion of our individuality. It is imperative that we express our unique frequency is in this new world. 


Fréquence is the first company to address this shift. These are our 9 synergetic oil blends, formulated to balance humanity’s upgraded energetics:

9 - INSPIRE - Ignites inspiration and dreams. Activates your pineal gland and allows you to access the subconscious well of your own divine information.

8 - CLARITY - Opens your mind and helps quiet the noise. Brings focus and direction to your consciousness. Regulates sleep and sharpens your thinking.

7 - EXPRESS - Helps your essence to flow creatively and effortlessly. Balances your hormonal flow to manifest your most impressive emotions, heart, instinct and soul with fluid communication.

6 - LOVE - Helps us to better relate to ourselves and others. Relationships drive our lives and Love is liberated from broken hearts. Discover your identity through your chosen destiny.

5- POWER - Tames our young selves that try to gain power; thundering  through the skies like a Thor or Zeus. As it crashes down, we find our righteous place in our hearts and digestion.

4 - PASSION - The power of excitement, dopamine rushes, and thrill. The fuel of drama in a world of divine comedy. The constant swing emotion, our passion rides the wave of life.

3 - INSTINCT - Survival instincts are aided by flow of health. A calm nervous system allows for natural healing. The feeling of tribal gathering and relaxing by the fire, sharing stories. 

2 - ENERGY - Igniting flesh into motion. The dance, cry and life force that drives us. The desire to melt into ecstatic, sexual, creative aliveness.

1 - TRUST - The feeling of safety. A deep knowing that life has your back and is ready to serve you abundance, pleasures, a joyful home, delicious food, and a healthy body. Feel grounded in a life free of stress and worry.

Welcome to your frequency!