body blueprint SESSION

your personalized map TO optimal HEALTH

At this moment, your body has specific needs. No two human beings require the same diet, exercise or even number of hours of sleep. Here, we access your body’s blueprint in the Akashic Records and collect information based on the categories listed below. When blocks are found, they are cleared at the energetic level.

Results are based on your body’s current state and are always subject to change as you evolve and grow. The Body Blueprint session will give you a roadmap to what your body needs in order to be balanced and function optimally at this moment.

Note: Although not necessary, it is advised that you begin with a Mind Release session, so that potentially negative thought patterns are released, making it easier to adhere to a new health program.

If these sessions don’t resonate, see the Healers section of this site for other Starseed teachers and healers who I know, Love and trust.


Diet- Test for what foods, specifically, will best nourish your body.
Allergies- A list of foods, supplements and environmental factors to which you may be allergic or intolerant.
Deficiencies- Vitamins and minerals for which your body is currently asking.
Clear Organs- Check each organ point is functioning at its optimal energetic levels, clearing stagnation or blocks found.
Vitamins- Test your current supplement intake and check if there are any others needed. Determine how many you should be taking, what time of day and for how long.
Exercise- Discern which is the most efficient form of exercise for your body, right now. For how long should you exercise each session and how many days per week?
Weight- Identify the ideal weight of your body's blueprint.
Water Intake- How many glasses of water is your body asking you to drink each day?
Sleep- The number of hours of rest required for your body's optimization.
Toxic- Toxicity in your lifestyle or environment that is leading to disruption.
Test Jewelry- Testing objects worn regularly on your body that may be contributing to your imbalance.
DNA (2 Strand)- Requesting energetic repair of your 2-Strand DNA.
Physical location- Checking that your home, city, state, and/or country you live in are optimal for your body.

MODALITIES APPLIED: Applied KinesiologyNAETBRT and Calibration.


  • Click “Book Session” below and select your “Session Type” (Body Blueprint, Mind Release, Etheric Alignment or Soul Clearing)

  • Next, provide the required information and answer a few simple questions regarding your current health and habits. (This speeds the process).

  • Before your appointment time, Hayley will spend approximately one hour reading your records, noting the important information and clearing useless blocks and imbalances.

  • During your 30-min phone session, she will go over and explain the findings.

  • After the session, you will receive an email listing your unique prescription and everything your body is asking for in order to optimize.