Shortly after I arrived in Tulum* I went out to a big party, drank and did drugs, and haven’t felt the same since. A sense of heaviness, sadness, and darkness loom over me. For days I couldn’t understand what was happening.

Luckily, my flow made sure I ran into at least 5 shaman/friends who have all independently confirmed that I took on a dark entity that night. I was ‘too’ open and this left me a vulnerable target to the darkness that was present, both in spirit and human form.

I started feeling into this and connecting dots: I know dozens of people who’ve recently lost their shit on drugs, here and elsewhere. Perfectly sane people getting high and putting themselves in dangerous positions or even attempting to take their own lives. Happy people, with no prior suicidal thoughts.

The common denominator is mainly acid, but also the many many designer hallucinogenics being created in labs. Most people are not consciously evolved enough yet (nor are the chemists) to open the portals to these other dimensions and even those who are risk their sanity each time they journey.

Stick to the natural, more grounding alternatives. Better yet, let us learn to get high on our own breathe, movement and sexual practices… as we were designed to. The idea that we need anything outside of ourselves is an illusion.

I’m getting the very clear message to share this with you (and myself).

This appears to be yet another way that humanity is trying to take itself out.

The pain is too much sometimes and we’re looking for exists.

Let’s not. Let’s stay.

Worried for Humanity,

Hayley Starr

PS One thing I found that was helpful was this MP3. Thank you, new friend Sandy!


Photo by Brooke Shaden

Photo by Brooke Shaden