There is a Universal Law that states that when dealing with trifectas (examples: body/mind/soul or conscious/subconscious/superconscious), if you work with one, the other two will surely follow. Work with two, and the third has no choice!

It dawned on me last night that sexuality, creativity and money are all ruled by your second energy point, located in your pelvic area. What a trifecta!! Law applied: if you’re not making enough money, work on your sexual relationships. If you need to be more creative, work on your abundance skills. If business is failing or you can’t get lucky, dig into your creativity!

I’m going to get personal with you to make a point…
While having some awesome sex recently, it was brought to my attention that each time I was about to climax, I would abruptly stop the process. My brain started to compute the DIRECT correlation between this sexual habit and my business habits - each time I gain momentum in my projects and am about to ‘go big’, I short-circuit and sabotage the entire deal. This is what we call an ‘Upper Limit Problem’. (Read ‘The Big Leap’ for more on this)

So I’ve found the direct correlation, now it must be proven in practice. How fuuuuun! Wouldn’t it be radical if orgasm was both the green light for my creative muses and the abundance Gods? 
Oh!!! The perfection of the simulation…

We So Lucky,
*Hayley Starr*