~To flow and surrender to my Divine Plan, then to have the courage to choose what’s presented.

~Humility. I’m such a f*cking know-it-all!

~Deep kindness, patience and compassion for all.

~To be a little more like my friends Katie SimonIrina LazarJustin Time and Sandy Hill.

~To take my rightful place as a teacher, queen, healer, and prism.

~To release vices and accept my current state.

~To experience true generosity and abundance, not just as it suits me.

~To be 95% vegan. And should I eat animal products, only farm raised/wild caught, well-fed and humanely killed. To pray each time in thanks. Without exception.

~To stop dictating my desires when I meditate, and instead listen to God’s message for me that day.

~To be a Master of Love in all its forms. To give my Love freely and without condition.

~To stop trying to grow all the time and to start spending/enjoying my life currency, for I am rich as Rockefeller! (ty Sandy)

~To be Time’s best friend ever!!!

~To feminize.

Yay 2017!!!,