I’m often asked for recommendations of healers, body workers, acupuncturists, doctors, therapists, etc. Here it finally is, a list of all the people who keep me happy and healthy! Why? Because I love you and sharing is caring.

Health and Happiness for all,

Your Starr*


Dr Ron Benbassat

General/ Internist

(310) 888-2400

Beverly Hills

Everyone needs a good, basic, western medicine sometimes. If you break your arm, I don’t recommend going to the acupuncturist. I believe in a preventative approach, but I also believe in the balance of nature and science. This man, Ron, is one of my favorite human beings walking the planet. He’s hilariously funny, and he’ll also go to bat for you when stuff gets tough. I’ve had a scare or two and he made sure to personally call the busy specialist and get me in by the next day. That’s cause he has great relationships with people and other doctors, and THAT’S because he’s an awesome man and a pro. Need a general doctor, he’s your dude. 


Dr Jing 


(310) 826-5288

Santa Monica

Dr Jing is the best! She’s literally, THE BEST acupuncturist in LA. She’s Chinese, old school and hardcore. No non-sense with her! She won’t coddle you and sometimes her manner is considered harsh, but her results are real. She specializes in fertility and has helped at least 6 women I know get pregnant when there was no hope! I feel a big difference before and after my apps with her. 



Dr Canfield

Acupuncture and Cupping


(310) 826-5288

Santa Monica

Is another amazing acupuncturist who once worked in Dr. Jing but recently started her own practice. She mixes her intuition and magic with the applied study of acupuncture and cupping. She bridges the worlds, if you will. She’s kind and gentle, you feel safe and know you’re in good hand with her. I recommend her often and she also takes insurance!!!



Karyn Keenan



(202) 549-4949


Speaking of insurance, I’m gonna give my mom a plug here. She sells health and life insurance in California and is really good at it! She’ll take the time to explain and help you navigate the very complex world of health care and walk you through the different options. She sells them all. The BEST is the plan she got me and a bunch of my friends on with a $7 copay!!!!! Acupuncture, blood work and prescriptions only $7!! Insanity. Open enrollment starts tmrw (ironically) and only lasts through January 21st, 2017. Contact her if you need insurance. She’s the shit…AND she’s MY mom! :)




Serge Gagnon

A Chiropractor (of sorts)

+1 (310) 430-5438


Oh Serge… SERGE…. SERGE is THE MAN!!!!!!! My bestie Tara always talked about this incredible, miracle skeletal worker, but I wasn’t interested in going to a chiropractor, as I’ve heard how bad it is for you too many times and not willing to chance it. One day my back hurt, badly, and I heard Tara’s voice in the back of my head and I gave it a shot and called him. One session was all it took. So I’ve since sent tons of people with major pains, and all of them have the same experience. He’s a miracle. What does he do? A ton of stuff but it’s all subtle and you leave thinking that nothing’s happened, until suddenly you realize the pain is gone. He’s the only one using this combo of techniques and I beg of him to teach others because the world can be healed, and this man has the answers. If you go to him, encourage him too please!!! He only comes to LA 1 week a month so books a month or 2 in advance.


Shane Snow

Body Worker/Massage


(310) 482-0796

Shane is by far and wide the best body worker I’ve ever experienced. This isn’t a simple massage, this is serious work, both physical and spiritual. He intuitively knows just where to go to release anything you're holding back. Every time I'm with him I remember how important this work is, we have to move through our pains or they stagnate and become disease. He is also a magical man with so much to teach, my prediction is that he will move on and become a leader in this realm and no longer have the time for body work so get him while you can!!!


Kismet Salem

Energy Healer


I met Kismet through her husband who one day saw that I had a headache at the park and asked if I wanted a healing. 30 seconds later the headache was gone! I had to know his technique, and he explained it was his wife’s. I made an appointment with her and have never experienced anything like this to date. She goes through and cleanses your different energetic bodies, picking up on past lives and current situations. She sees things in colors and heals with them too. I have a gifted five people sessions with her and each report lasting affects from her work! Her smile and giggles are contagious! She is a rare kind of healer.



Jessica Gelson

Spiritual Therapist/Body worker


(310) 820-8982

This is my kind of therapy! She combines psychology with a healing practice. You spent half the time talking about what is up for you and the second half either moving through the energy or getting on the table and having her do bodywork. It addresses all sides of an issue. Sometimes I feel incredibly silly punching in the air and yelling at the top of my lungs, but I assure you it does the trick. If you're looking to really move some energy and aren't afraid, this is your woman! Major changes and shifts can occur.



Chinese Massage

+1 (212) 608-2212

New York, Chinatown

Gnarliest, most painful and exhilarating massage I’ve ever had. Hurts so bad you cry, literally, CRY. BUT SOOOOOOO DANG GOOD!



Belinda Bauer

Spiritual Therapist/Deeksha worker


(323) 935-0914

Though I haven't been to her in years, Belinda was an instrumental for my growth. I saw her once a week for many years and her spiritual take and no-nonsense approach are very effective. She's also a Deeksha worker and uses that practice to help you move through blocks, calming the mind and heart. 



Dr. Vahe Kosantian

Holistic Chiropractor

(626) 398-3073

I can't exactly tell you what Vahe does but it involves the reprogramming on an astral level. He can measure where you're at for muscle testing and works to correct and balances. He's located in Alta Dena, which is pretty far away, but I always felt shifted and spiritually realigned after our sessions


Ellen Heed



1 (310) 398-3962

Ellen Heed is like the godmother of sexology and anatomy. When dealing with sexual issues either alone or with a partner, this woman understands the body, mind and soul on a level that I still don't quite get. She does deep tissue work to help heal and scarring and energetic blocks. She’s a little expensive, but the breakthroughs are worth every penny! 



Hydro Colonic Therapist 

(424) 744-3166

Santa Monica


Lou is an awesome woman and makes a very uncomfortable, awkward experience simple and straightforward. She’s super knowledgeable and has been doing it for quite some time. Won’t get graphic but you leave there feeling clean, clear and energized! 



Yaelle Saphir

NAET Allergy Clearing

(310) 666-4983

West Hollywood

I am a big believer in the NAET! It is a system of removing allergies. I attest to this firsthand, having been an incredibly allergic person most of my life. Dairy, gluten, yeast, everything gave me a reaction! The way it works is you hold a vile contains the allergy, you’re muscle tested to see how allergic you are, then she strategically press certain points along her spine and acupressure points on your body to reprogram your mind to no longer consider this particular food the enemy. Sounds crazy, but it works! Even my mom stopped getting migraines after 40 years.



Mark Schoofs

Psychic Block Remover


(707) 291-4565

Florida, but does phone sessions!

To the unaccustomed, this can seem like the most out there of them all! Mark Schoofs is incredibly good at removing psychic blocks. He lives in Florida but you can talk to him over the phone all the same. He works with the a Akashic records and your guides to clear and remove unwanted emotional and psychic blocks. That's all I can say! You’ll have to go with your gut with this one. 



Audra Garcia

Psychic Therapist

(303) 984-2915


Phone sessions

Though she is considered a psychic, I think of her more as a psychic therapist. She doesn't tell you much about the future, although I'm sure she could, instead she focuses on the present and how to work through where you're at. When I'm having a hard time making a decision, And I have the wisdom to actually remember to, I called her for 30 minutes session and I always end up feeling clear on my next steps. I love this woman! What a gift she has.



Laura Stinchfield

Pet Psychic


Phone sessions

Mock this all you want, but this woman is the real deal! I've called her twice with my previous dog and the things she knew were uncanny! It was also so fun to understand the inner workings of my animal’s mind and to be able to communicate with her. I let her know things that are bothering me about her behavior, and boy did Lexy do the same with me! I won't get into details here, but some of the things that she knew and revealed were out-of-this-world accurate!




Elaina Beam



Deerfield, FL or Phone sessions

Most astrology just sounds the same to me! It kind of goes in one ear out the other. The gift this particular Astrologer has is her ability to speak and interpret it all in an understandable, digestable way. She really gets through to you and you in town you get excited about your stars! She basically translates the stars into our language.


Raj Srikantan

Vedic Astrology 


I've truly never experienced a more accurate reading then when I had my Vedic astrology done. It's expensive so it took me a couple months to come around to it, but this many-thousand-year-old study is so deep and specific and accurate that you'll think he must have sneakily researched your life on the internet or something. He knew exact months and times of different occasions in the past and guided me with a diet, gemology and so much more.