The mission is to evolve towards Love and Light. Luckily there is no other direction, it’s simply a matter of how efficiently we get there and whether or not we collectively choose to eradicate our species in the process, and start all over (again).

The mission is to bring ‘everyone’ forth. It would be like trying to bring only part of your body to a party, “No, I’d rather not take my WHOLE body, just my healthiest, prettiest, most evolved cells. The rest of my body can stay and fuck itself!”. NOOOO!!! Your whole body goes or there will be no party for you.

In much the same way, we who have the luxury of consciousness must be the ones to push forth our entire planet. We are all ‘one’… yes, an inconvenient truth. I know what some of you were thinking “I get to move onto the next dimension and leave everyone else behind, because THEY didn’t do the work,” (how very republican of you) but it doesn’t work that way! THERE IS NO SEPARATION between humans, animals, plants, insects, fish, or the entire planet itself.

We are ONE BEING, are we still not getting this?

You don’t get to pick and choose who is worthy of saving or helping. You empower and love every single person, plant and creature as you would yourself… and if you don’t currently empower and love yourself THEN PLEASE STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING AND START THERE.

We love we.

PS. If you like evolving efficiently, just WAIT till I launch my new healing modality the ‘Healer of Humans’… very very soon!

Light Work by Autumn Skye Morrison

Light Work by Autumn Skye Morrison